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Basic Horse Show Preparations

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Here are some basic recommendations to take into account and discuss with your trainer when preparing for horse show season. Keep in mind riding and showing can be stressful at times but with the right team and mindset is an enjoyable and educational experience.

Pre-Season Preparation

  • Confirm your horse's equipment is properly fitted

  • Confirm your horse is up-to-date on all vet records and maintenance

  • Confirm your memberships and registrations are completed

  • Review your horses feed, supplements and any medications to confirm you know the rules and are compliant

  • Confirm your equipment and show attire are rule compliant for the level(s) you'll be showing

Pre-Show Preparation

  • Clean all horse and rider equipment

  • Pack your trunk (mock packing list below)

  • Prepare your horse's feed and supplements for each day

  • It is highly recommended to put your horse on a dose of ulcergard daily beginning two days before the show and continuing one day past the show

  • It is also recommended your horse get an adequan shot 48 hours before the show

Elevate Rider Expectations:

  • Remember what your goal is and enjoy time with your horse and other equestrians.


  • When schooling, call where you're going and pay attention to your space in the arena

  • Safety first and pay attention to your surroundings while mounted AND unmounted and in all aspects of handling.

  • Learn from others and watch their rides but remember, it's just ONE ride. Everyone has good and bad moments and everyone is trying to learn and improve.

  • Support your team members and be kind to everyone you meet.

If you are showing with us at Elevate Dressage, please review the lists below to confirm what you are responsible for and what will be provided. We all share a tack room at rated shows to keep everything organized and make the show more affordable - you are welcome to get your own tack room if you'd like as well.

Elevate Dressage will bring the following to shows we are attending:

  • Show Drapes

  • Table and Directors Chairs (2)

  • Saddle Racks

  • Bridle Hooks

  • Muck bucket & Pitchfork

  • Hose

  • Bungee Cords

  • Cable Ties

  • Staple Gun

Owners are responsible for providing items for their horse during shows and clinics unless discussed and coordinated with Elevate Dressage in advance. Owners are responsible for providing the following:

  • Water buckets (2) and hooks for buckets (2)

  • Feed tub

  • Hay bag/net (optional)

  • Fan (ideally a fan with an enclosed motor)

  • Stall sign

  • Extension cord

  • Shavings

  • Bagged AM & PM feed

  • Hay

  • Horse/rider Equipment

  • Horse vet records

  • UDSF/USEF horse and rider registrations

​Horse Equipment List Example

Rider Equipment List Example

Show Pads (1 for each day of showing)

Show Coat

Bridle, halter & lead

Stock Tie

Saddle & Girth

Show Shirt (one for each day showing)

Tack Cleaner

Show breeches (one for each day showing)


Bun Holder & bobby pins

Bathing Supplies

Show Gloves

Grooming Kit


Braiding Supplies (waxed thread, bands, mane comb, braiding needle, clips, etc.)

Boots & legal spurs (Appropriate for the level being shown)

Cooler or Show Sheet

Legal whip (if needed)

Schooling boots or wraps


Transport equipment - boots or wraps, halter, head bumper, Tail wrap, etc.

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