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Elevate Testimonials

Amy Kinkade

I have known Ellie for just over a year now and have been in her dressage program during this time at Stonebridge Farm. I am so glad I met Ellie just as I was beginning to work my way back into riding and considering purchasing a horse of my own. I'm in my late 40s- it's NEVER too late! There is SO much to learn and it can be very intimidating but Ellie took me under her wing and helped me ease back into things. She is a very talented natural rider and her skills and knowledge are impeccable. I admire her genuine love of horses and how she places each horses health and well being above all else. She works diligently to bring out the best in each horse and rider I've seen her work with and is a kind and patient teacher. I would recommend her program to anyone (beginner or advanced) who is looking for a positive learning environment to develop and advance to reach their goals.

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