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Meet The Team


Mama - Assistant Trainer

Currently looking for the right member to join the team as a part-time groom

Our Team

Keeping our Horses Happy and Healthy

Hadley Hill Equine

Stoneman Forge

Great Lakes Equine Dentistry

Saddle Fitter
Julie Weitzel
Sally Lossio

Courtney Bulloch - Farm Manager
Cameron Bulloch - Farm Maintenance
Maggie Levy - Farm Owner


Bit and Bridle Fitter
Try My Bits

Body Work

Robin Clinton - Shivering Cactus
Liz Douglas - MEND Horse
Doug Ziegle - Chiropractic

Honorary Grooms
Misa McCoy
Nathan Vargo

Additional Farm Owners
Chris and Gerry Graye
Monique Molnar and Brian Bates
Amelia Inman
Thierry Sporthorses


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