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Amy Kinkade


I have known Ellie for just over a year now and have been in her dressage program during this time at Stonebridge Farm. I am so glad I met Ellie just as I was beginning to work my way back into riding and considering purchasing a horse of my own. I'm in my late 40s- it's NEVER too late! There is SO much to learn and it can be very intimidating but Ellie took me under her wing and helped me ease back into things. She is a very talented natural rider and her skills and knowledge are impeccable. I admire her genuine love of horses and how she places each horses health and well being above all else. She works diligently to bring out the best in each horse and rider I've seen her work with and is a kind and patient teacher. I would recommend her program to anyone (beginner or advanced) who is looking for a positive learning environment to develop and advance to reach their goals.

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Jennie Soule

I came to know Ellie when my hunter/jumper trainer brought her in to help exercise and school the barns horses in dressage. If I hadn’t worked there at the time I probably really wouldn’t have gotten to know her as soon as I did as she often came in late at night, after she worked in her “normal” job. That right there should tell you how hard she works and how passionate she is to work with horses. I remember there would be days that she would do about 5 horses after a full day of work.

​I slowly started to become her shadow. I would watch her as she worked the horses and she’d often explain to me what she was doing and why, happily obliging my desire to know every aspect of what she was doing. She would pick up the most subtle changes in horses whether it be lameness, stiffness, or they just weren’t feeling their best, and the comfort of the horse always came first to her. Every horse she got on loved her, she got them to try so hard in whatever she was working on and often even the hard to catch horses would happily come over to her.

Ellie helped my horse do things that probably weren’t in the books if it weren’t for dressage due to poor conformation and a rough start in life. She significantly changed my perspective on dressage, and fueled my passion for it. Overall, Ellie is the hardest working, most knowledgeable, passionate young
professional I know.

The Thierry Family

Our daughter rides hunter/jumpers and needed some improvement with the basics – seat, connection, collection. Her jumper trainer recommended Ellie and we couldn’t be more thrilled with having her come out to our barn. Ellie has a gift – she is very motivating and always makes the lessons fun. More importantly, she clearly communicates what to do and gives very detailed feedback. We could see an improvement in our daughter and her horses within a few lessons. On top of that, Ellie has the ability to hop on our jumpers and get dressage moves out of them we didn’t think would be possible. Ellie impressed us with her determination and work ethic, usually riding several horses and giving lessons all after her day job. She helped our daughter to set goals not just for her riding but for her personal fitness as well.

Karen Vavrick

Ellie is someone both my daughter and I look up to as both a rider and trainer. We've enjoyed watching her journey with her own mare, seeing how far they've come in such a short amount of time. Ellie is a beautiful and talented rider and brings out the best in her horses. Her approach is kind and respectful, and she always puts the horse first. In addition, Ellie is a great asset to our local dressage community. She is always available to lend a helping hand in any way at shows, and so supportive and encouraging. We are lucky to have her!

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