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Show Entry Information


Supplies Fee  - $15

Day Fee (Coaching/Schooling) - $70

Day Fee (Show Riding) - $50

Partial Care/Groom - $20 /Day

Tack Stall  - Split among all Elevate riders

* Some Venues may have additional shared expenses


Supplies Fee – Covers tack room supplies, grooming, and bathing products

Elevate tack stall split is required by all Elevate Riders. All riders can use the Elevate Tack stall and do not have to get their own but can get their own tack stall if desired.

Groom Fees –$100/Day plus food and hotel - Split among all horses Ellie is showing. Gratuity is appreciated but not required and will help cover feeding, grooming, walking, lunging, stall cleaning and tacking as needed.

Trainer food and accommodations split among all showing.

Trainer section on entries should be listed under horse’s owner.


Coach Section on entries MUST have Eleanor Vargo listed for assistance with care, coaching or riding at shows.

Hauling is the responsibility of the owner.

Each horse owner must provide:

  • Fan

  • Buckets (2)

  • Feed Pan

  • Shavings

  • Grain

  • Hay

  • Tack

  • Double sided clip

  • Utility hooks (3 minimum)

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