Coaching & Catch Riding Services


Coaching services include:

  • Schooling horse or coaching through warm-up for all classes

  • Running through tests

  • Test reading

Show Riding

Coaching services include:

  • Show registration assistance

  • Warm up and show rides (up to three times a day)

  • Owner keeps 85% if all awards, money and ribbons earned 


All fees are per horse per day

Client Day Fee $50

Non-Client Day Fee $100

Full Care Fee +$35


Optional Full Care Includes:

  • Assistance with registering for shows

  • Assistance with packing and trailer loading and unloading

  • Assistance with show set up and tear down (if needed)

  • Braiding

  • Grooming and tacking 

  • Feeding, watering, mucking and night check

We do not offer trailering services at this time but would be happy to assist you in finding transport if needed

* Discounts given on training and consignment services under special circumstances to horses with active show season plans. Please inquire with interest